Hey, I’m Sarah.

I’m a full time professional photographer specialised on that moody & real stuff.

When I don’t capture the incredible costume works of you creatives I document weddings in an authentic and definitly not kitschy way & do very natural couple sessions. You know, that wind in the hair and dirt on boots way.
Oh, and as Adrian I do cosplay & fantasy medieval stuff myself. Hi there!

Casual Commander Shepard Cosplay - Vaile Photography & Cosplay - Terobes Arts (2)
[Picture by my dear collegue Terobes Arts]

Personality & individuality comes first for me. I truly adore the creative craftsmenship but when it comes to Cosplay, Larp and Reenactment there’s much more to me.
We choose to do this stuff, play out this character cause it’s part of our personality in some way. 
And that’s what I want to keep in my shots. Your unique style, your passion, your soul. It’s not about being someone else, it’s about capturing some facettes that are truly you.
That’s what matters in the end. Let’s create some memories.

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Hi, I’m Adrian.

Besides doing videography for Cosplay I work in the videogame industry as a developer in a worldwide operating company.

I highly focus on storytelling and creating a moody atmosphere when it comes to Cosplay videos
so not your typical costumes shots! 

www.thecompanion.de_about_hunt showdown cosplay[Picture by my love Sarah – hi over there on the left…or above if you’re using a phone!]

As Sarah I’m also into Cosplay myself and we share the love for fantasy & medieval events, history, sword fighting and much more. 

While filming I want your unique personality and the character you chose to merge in an atmospheric and authentic environment – just like the movies. 
Besides showing the highly crafted details of your costume to pay respect to all the work you put in I want to focus on creating a believable mood, surrounding and story impression. 

We’re about to get you into your own adventure, so let’s dive right into it!